Verbal Terrorist II

by Verbal Terrorist

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released June 28, 2015

Lyrics and Music by Ian Micciulli / Damon Micciulli
2015 EsintriC Productions - Dwight Doherty



all rights reserved


Verbal Terrorist Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Depopulation
Verse 1
Civilian air strikes prepare for surprises
Shock collars come in three different sizes
One-hundred per car, you can’t go far, they no right where we are at all times
Drones watching from the sky, retinas scan to read your eyes
There coming at us full fledge, they want 90 percent of us dead
There going to do it or die trying. I’ll take the latter, tell you what’s the matter
Our heads are the ball and the Illuminati is the batter, so step to the plate
To seal your fate, the dollars about to break, you tricks on the take
About to have your doors kicked in as the plot thickens
Most will just give in, they’ll soon regret. Next step is separation from your kid’s
These elite pedophile pricks raping kids with glow sticks dipped in battery acid
Sorry I have to be so graphic; it’s all of us there after
This is not a dramatization - this is depopulation
Around the world, across this nation - depopulation
Troops and ammo for our extermination - this is depopulation
Coffins and graves for mass cremation - depopulation
Verse 2
The troops are mounting up more and more everyday
And they aint going away
There here to stay killing anything in there way, the land of the free
Has become a home in a grave, what can be saved? Of this republic
That has been taken out from under us, gone forgotten are the rights of the people
I thought we we’re all equal, equality, numerology, mythology
Leading this hypocrisy right into the ground, lost never to be found
Is there a sound when no one’s there to hear it? Those who say not to fear it
Have not been near it or open enough to see it, I’ll say it again, it’s not a secret
It’s not hidden, it’s written in plain view, exactly what there trying to do
Is kill 90% of us before there threw, let me make this clear
They plan of getting this done in the next few years
Track Name: Without
Verse 1
I’ve reached my point of tolerance for this ridiculous material existence
I’m giving up all my possessions to relieve attachment to these obsessions
Nothing in this world was mine when I entered
I have no more desire to possess anything in this adventure
When I leave I’ll go out like came with nothing naked hopeless
Fighting to live up to my name but I’m not my name, I’m not me
I’ve released my ego so now I can see this material world has kept me trapped
Thinking I was in a race and getting lapped but I’m not in the race anymore
I’m getting out of the water and heading for the shore, if I can’t float
I tread until I sink, why should I keep swimming if this ocean is so deep
There are no answers in this for me to find
And I sure as fuck know that I can’t rewind
So I move to the future with less to lose and nothing to gain
All the while hoping it will somehow ease the pain
Verse 2
The organ plays in the background death comes knocking, ain’t no fucking around, be sound. You be a sleep like sheep, dualities at its peak, the words that we speak are being measured (By who?) The zoo keepers, see we’re in a cage in which you can’t see the bars. Because they’ve caged the mind with a collective thought. Weather you are sold or bought, the greater the gain the higher the loss, the loss to get high, genetically modified. No longer able to multiply, Sterilization of our own race, seems stupid, looped it, seems stupid, stupid is as stupid does, how does stupid do when stupid buzzed. Was that a question or is the answer in its self, all is without a self, all is without a self.
Track Name: The War on Terror 15
The War on Terror 15
The war on terror is a war on are freedom
The ones who run the terror are the ones that run the freedom
Verse 1
Well this is it the time has come, in the land of the free the civil war has begun
Attack on our rights, attack on our liberty, survival of the fittest
This is no scrimmage; this is the image of a war right on our front lawn
The Chess masters set to sacrifice the pawns, a red dawn reality
We’ve paid enemy’s salary; The NATO planes disguise the cavalry
Most will go out cowardly, others will stand and fight
With this nation bleeding, two party treason, covering Masonic secrets
Giving you just a tease, to get you on your knees, bow and say please
As the prophecies unfold, and supreme guidance has been fulfilled
Around the globe it’s just kill, kill, kill, blood, spill, spill, spill
Verse 2
The north is to the south what the clock is to time
And time is to the mind what the prison is to crime
And the crime is to the trouble what the ball is to the fumble
And the song is to the game the song remains the same
And the same is to the sound like tunneling underground
And the ground is to the earth what the life is to the birth
What’s it all worth, to the wealthy the healthy the candle slowly melting
I hope one of you felt me or feel me, help me break the seal see
Start preparing coffins for these crooks in office
The trade commission recognizes no boarders,
Were headed towards a new world order there’s cops on every corner
They catch you slipping you’re a goner so The Verbal Terrorist is here to warn you
Track Name: Sorrow of Tomorrow
Sorrow of Tomorrow
Verse 1
The family structure bent by the craft, the first come last, the last come first
Why you think the villain’s were the mask? They cut the curtain in half
Brainwashed, taught to laugh at tragedy, as long as it don’t happen to me
But what if it does? The questions not if but when,
That’s why I put the ink to the pen. Before they end my right to write, right to life, fight despite, any doubt that I have I can think of my Dad to find strength.
Straight to the face, straight to the head, what has been said has also been written, Spiting on a mission, with scissors to slice a vision. Like your Christ has risen.
The minds in prison, while we’re shitting, pissing & ripping on the system
Like I’ve said before, shut the fuck up and listen
The Sorrow of Tomorrow - There’s no one left to follow
The Sorrow of Tomorrow - Time is something you can’t borrow
Sorrow of Tomorrow - Life is sacrifice, sometimes hard to swallow
Verse 2
Creation, destruction, purpose, function, swinging, punching
I’ve fucking had it, with this dramatic dogmatic prophylactic
The rubber bubble which is religion, unforgiving, no giving
Not just empty wishing, there blocking true spiritual vision
This is not living its blind superstition, look at the traditions
Chocolate bunny fairytales, Jesus a young Santa with a ponytail
Too big too fail, waiting to be saved but what’s it all worth
What’s it all matter, life here there after, another chapter
To master the craft of thought, never to be caught, you can’t kill a revolution
The sprit needs no constitution; religions are the pollutants, magical illusions
Slave institutions. Intuition isn’t wishing its wisdom
The mission is to break this stagnate position
Track Name: Alien
Verse 1
Millions have seen them. The greys the talls, they came right threw the wall
Right into my mind, everything’s gonna be fine except for the missing time. Countless hours completely loss, what’s the cost, sanity, profanity
I can’t fucking handle it, I can’t fucking take it. A move I can’t make it,
No faking, awaking on a table, this is no fable. This is no story, this is the truth, this is the fact and the fact is a matter of fact. Its way outta whack,
It don’t make sense, defying logic, not enough chronic. Not even gin and tonic could stop it or create what some say are dreams. But do dreams happen to two people at the same time wait, I wasn’t dreaming, because I wasn’t sleeping
In my mind I was screaming, being held by demons. They’ve taking my semen,
For what reason, how can we beat them, how to defeat them
I’m going off the deep end, and there may be no coming back, energy jacked taken off track. What would you do? How would you react? Because this ain’t no act
Alien Abduction -Kid you ain’t seen nothing
Alien Abduction -Your body can’t function
Alien Abduction -Space, matter and time all in conjunction
Alien Abduction -They planted the seed, but are not to be trusted
Verse 2
A slight memory of the evening’s events, the nightmare the horror, uneasy and fatigued, welcome to the forth kind, beyond your imagination beyond your three layered cake of creation. The bluebook project, MJ-12, Stonehenge, they were here when it started and they’ll be here in the end Crop circles, so many sightings all around the world. But the men in power show no concern so where does that leave us praying to Jesus, kill the fetus, do they eat us, feed us or off of us? Knowledge keep hidden Catholicism driven, Keep on wishing be a good Christian Biblical nutrition, Implant incision, revamp religions, hijack intuition, bow and listen, ufology encrypted, Hydrographic terminology, one way ticket ideology and they make no apologies for what they’ve done or who they’ve harmed on this giant alien ant farm
Track Name: 60 Lies
60 Lies
Lies about taxes, lies about stock market crashes, lies from the 9-11 ashes, lies from the fascist, lies about race, lies right to our face, lies about waste, lies in a paper chase, lies about space. Lies about the weather, the winner lies better, the two party’s lie together. They lie about global warming, they lie about farming, and this is no lie “they plan on disarming”. They lie about bombing, they lie about harming by saying there helping, the lying wealthy, lies about prisons. Lies about thanksgiving, lies within the system, lies said with conviction, lies to another victim. Lies we can’t restrict them, lies from the senate, lies from the congress, lies about being honest. They’ve set there lies upon us and now these lies live within us, they lie about us, until there lies totally surround us. Lies from the church, lies from the school, lies are tools that are told to the fools, lies inside the rules. Lies about what there putting in the food, lies about the fluoride in the water, lies about the TSA groping our sons & daughters, lies about guns and drugs coming over the border, lies from Caly to Maine lying is there game and the truth to there lies are insane, the lies about H.A.A.R.P. making it rain. Lies about the power of the brain, lies without restrain, lies that can’t be tamed, they lie to start wars. Then lie about the score, they lied about the Holocaust and the number of lives lost, all these lies they feed us they even lie about Jesus, they lie just to please us, they lie to deceive us. They lie about child rape look at all the lies from Penn St., they lie when they debate; they lie about how much they take. Lies from Freemasons, lies from the society of Jason, lies about invasion, lies and persuasions, lies premeditated, lies about the occupation, lies about inoculations, lies about vaccinations. Lies in the sky, lies in there ties, lies from the wise, lies in there eye, lies within the law, lies from abroad. Lies in the cause, the lies are here there and everywhere, to this truth become aware. The lie is that they care; the lie is that they care; the lie is that they care
Track Name: Rep and Kill
Rep & Kill
Verse 1
Rep and kill for your freedom for your liberty
To escape the tyranny, I no your hearing me
We can only take so much, are backs to the wall
Let’s take them down and make them fall
Come one come all, time to rise or fall
As we’re all failing and dieing, we need an uprising
It’s not surprising that we all need some guidance
From time to time, we’ve let shit slide
At this point there stepping on our pride
Every they move based on a lie
That’s why we must stand side by side
Arm to arm, cheek to cheek, we’re all unique
Some about to peek some about to shine
Some like me are in there prime
But I don’t mind, because time is what you make it
I’ll tell you are freedom, there trying to fucking take it
If it’s time to get ill, then it’s time to rep and kill
When you can’t pay your bills, then it’s time to rep and kill
When there nothing but pain you feel, it’s time to rep and kill
Verse 2
Yeah I’m coming in a fucked up manor and for this joint
I don’t give a fuck about the grammar
Drop the hammer like it’s time
The Verbal Terrorist every verse a crime, so get in line
We’re all connected like a grape vine
If your feel everything’s fine, you must be out your mind
Or maybe I’m out mine, but I doubt it, because I read about it
If you can’t see it, maybe you be it
Maybe you need it or you don’t
I’m coming for your throat
Vote, take dope, kill the pope, attacking your visions
No disposition no indecisions
FEMA Camps prisons
What will it take to get you to listen?
Wake up and stop being a slave to the system
Let’s break out the truth and together we can stick’um