Verbal Terrorist III

by Verbal Terrorist

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3rd Album by Verbal Terrorist


released September 11, 2016

All Music and Lyrics by
Ian Micciulli
Damon Micciulli
Aaron Micciulli
Vin Micciulli Jr.
Produced and Mastered by
Dwight Doherty
*Beat by Nick Payola
**Beat by Wu-Tang Clan & Mobb Deep
***Beat Unknown



all rights reserved


Verbal Terrorist Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Grave
Verse 1
I’m speaking through the fog and the mist
A donkey and a elephant there both irrelevant
People turn to sheeple, bow at the steeple
A powerbase of slavery built upon the faith you believe
You must understand its all part of the plan
Not by one group or one man, Pakistan, Afghanistan
The war against the shade of tan
The truth about Iraq and Iran is covered in the sand
AIDS, cancer, diabetes
Heart disease, bird flu virus, the warriors shot Sirus
Heroin, coke, meth, crack, LSD
Ecstasy, guns, knives, rape, you’re molested at eight
From the inner city to the streets that aint paved
The land of the free, soon to be a home in a grave
Verse 2
Every crip, every blood, every race, every thug, every gangsta
Every criminal, Every D.O.C. prisoner
Everyone one with a little sister or brother we must quickly learn
How to love one another
Stop squabin’ fighting beefing, it’s ourselves we’re defeating
It all starts with treating each other with respect
From there we start are own army, for saying this shit
I know people wanna harm us; the truth we’re spiting is alarming
It’s like this mic became part of my arm see
If I do end up dead for the words I said
They’ll leave a scar and if from our hearts we went too far
Well there you go and there you are
Verse 3
Time is running out, soon the day will be here
All emotions controlled by fear, if you cannot see
Maybe you can hear, The Jason society
The Order of the Quest
Homeland Security, a New World Order, Scroll & Key
Round Table, MJ12, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Scull and Bones
The Brotherhood of the Dragon
Can you hear the whips cracking?
Track Name: Order Thru Chaos
Order thru Chaos
Verse 1
I can’t take it no more, the bold face lies in are face about the fracking
Saying it never hurt anybody, there taking us for dummy’s
Wait until you smell something funny, children’s nose all bloody
Isn’t that lovely the gas companies are our buddy’s
Global Warming is melting the earth, because it’s sunny
There not very cunning, not that they have to be, no one can see shit
Past there book face, dis-placed immigrants have a place to fit in
But veterans don’t, bring another boat load of convicted felons
Nobody’s yelling, I’m screaming bloody murder, got your head to the curb
Like American History X, who’s next? Whoever doesn’t say yes?
To The New World Order from the West
Order thru Chaos, this is how they’ve played us
Order thru Chaos, this is how they’ve tamed us
Order thru Chaos, this is how they’ve betrayed us
Order thru Chaos, this is how they’ve enslaved us
Verse 2
Homeland security stacking bullets by the billions,
Cardboard targets of old men, pregnant women and children
Who do they plan on killing? Patriots portrayed as terrorist
Its are lives there stealing, no more wheeling and dealing
Spinning there story, this is not a warning, it’s time to start informing
Each other about the takeover by Big Brother
As drones hover over our heads, face scanning ability’s
No more civil liberties, we need unity, they want separation
From ourselves, they want separation from all the wealth
As the pain is felt like being whipped by a belt
Get ready to burn and melt, protecting the interest of Israel
Gaza strip imperial checkmate on material
Track Name: The Resistance
The Resistance
Verse 1
Locked up, smacked up, in the coffins, it’s the haunting, life coming to an end
Humans are the enemy, what they pretend to be, fined more like me
Or could I be the only one under the sun, where to run, when the guns are alive?
Machines are thinking, plotting to take us out – or is it me, what they see is
Game over, take over, slave order, torture, kill and maim, trampled to the dirt
The genetic gene into the earth, will there ever been a rebirth, through the humanity
Through enslavement, death of age’s death of faces, destruction of nature
Driven by the matrix, shitty wage labor, ending of paper, now they own us
It’s a bonus plus a minus; I won’t get on my knees and bow to your hinus
Don’t mistake my intelligence for kindness
We have become appliances that remain compliant, they have silenced science
Violence leads to riots, no fear to step up and try it, be the force that drives it
On the mic Verbal Terrorist rippin’ it with persistence, we are the resistance
On the beat Verbal Terrorist rippin’ it with persistence, we are the resistance
On the street Verbal Terrorist rippin’ it with persistence, we are the resistance
Verse 2 (Snake)
This fucked up mold is old, and it’s time for it to fold and implode, and it's left for us to take hold, and regain what was sold for the young and the old, get in the mode and prepare to behold, the source of a horse not pale but dark with no remorse, get ready to reverse this motherfucking course! Resource, While I think, about the doublethink, I stick the rinks, I stink in sink with us on the brink, of the king of rings, in the body that stings, thru the course of all things, I brings to you the knowledge of self-hate the wealth and rebel what I felt. To the ends of truth and the lies that been dealt, the only solace in sight is that when I blink I won't melt, or shrink into the ground without a sound or a link, just dark ink, and die in shame with all the minds that don’t think
Verse 3
To the sleeping sheep under the sheets
The blanket is television, they can say anything and everybody listens
They give you the comfort of being safe, BS we must awake
And expose the fakes; burn them at the stake if that’s what it takes
To make you open your eyes and see we are being lied to, stalked, watched and recorded
Civil disorder is needed; this is the final curtain call once and for all
You better get it and start packing protection, they’ll fix the elections
They’ll pick the President these bullshit politicians are mission is to just get you to listen
As I spit facts and wisdom, the truth is being jacked by treasonous blood thirsty demons
Who keep hitting, ripping, slicing tyranny off like icing, the cake is full of lies, surprise
We must rise like lord of the flies, those who don’t open there eyes and don’t even try
To think out the box, will be put on the chopping block, in a circle of fools
Track Name: Military Suicide
Military Suicide
Military Suicide 22 a day & the media has nothing to say
Verse 1
Military suicide 22 died today and every day for the last few years
Day after day are soldiers taken their own life, something aint right
Not in the slightest, I find this very disturbing, it’s got my heart hurting
Men who spend their time serving, come home lost and turning
What are they learning that’s got them burning?
So much that they can’t get in touch with reality.
Or is are reality a formality? It’s another casualty, a tragedy
One after another and nothing is said so nothings discovered.
It’s not even disgust or reported on at all, like another brick in the wall.
This is the story at large, bigger than the bullshit election.
Do we have any affection or compassion?
How do we let this keep on happening?
Military Suicide 22 a day & the media has nothing to say
Verse 2
Military suicide 22 a day this is not an act or a part of a play
As this is happening the stories are just hidden away
No one wants to cover the darkest shade of gray
So nothing is said, not a word, not a peep, not on the web, not in print
I guess nobody gives a shit, or no one has a shit to give
To our kids who fight for our life, fight for our way of life
Are way of living, but there’s no given back, there’s just taking
Some just can’t take it, they make it back home, soon dead and gone
How can this go on? Something is wrong, it aint right.
We send our condolences in flight, to the families, husbands and wives of the US soldiers taken their own life
Track Name: Time Flip
Time Flip
Verse 1
Time does a flip and changes as it goes
How I detect this is a rip and it shows
Torn is my spine but I feel just fine, Waiting for time to miss me in line
I'm out of place but comfortably gone
Out of this waste I hear tomorrow's wrong
About how now was never here or there
I can’t feel anymore but my pain is clear not fair
Twisted is the way of home to my box
Keep everyone away close the door then it locks
Stay away from me I'm not here anymore
Having denied myself access to the core
I struggle to break my mind free I've been to blind To hear that this is me
I left once before did I ever come back
I never looked for myself
But there I was looking back At me again now I jump out off and away
To find you back were I was and you stay
Verse 2
They don’t wanna see, most just wanna be, aint there cup of tea
Pay another fee, conform go along and agree, easy as one two three
Is that a her or a he? Is that a bird in the tree, is that them or was that me
Taking honey from a bee, get a degree or thirty three signed by The General Lee
Sleepy, dummy, dopy, Mayberry, Obey, coping, hoping, choking, sloppy
Aint no stopping, no we no us, time to bust like a ride on the bus
Break off the rust, who to trust, who to rush, who gets crushed in the dust
In disgust, they all lust for the greed, middle class again deceived
Track Name: Freedumb* (feat. Nick Payola)
I find it astounding, the ego needs grounding
I can feel the heart pounding, I can see freedom drowning
Verse 1 (Payola)
I can't imagine how it’d feel to see
Men with machine guns every day in the streets
You can bury the bodies but the blood strains remain
You burn the evidence but the vision is ingrained
They say it's political but we ain't bombing Christian nations
Just Muslims and homos and Hindu's and Asians
Government storage yards filled with plastic coffins
The best defense is a good offense
Jade helm 15 to infinity
Gotta surplus of trickery, corruption and misery
So ima be me and what I be's a verbal terror
Tired of the lies that been spreading through this era
The truth is right before you but you're blinded to the facts
So I slam it in your eardrums with VT tracks
Nick payola on a mission to set the record straight
Sick of living in a world overwhelmed with hate
Verse 2 (Snake)
Jade helm enter the realm of military attack disguised as drill but in fact control factor taken to the max next level of breaking our backs the most painful blunt force tax what team are you red or blue tattoo like a new wave Jew being led to its demise in the rise of the sun they take your son blame you as the one and discredit you in pun as if you never supported anyone, your the enemy and the force against you is your own military taken the states one by one for them is now necessary as they see the uprising is evidentiary
Verse 3 (VT)
I’m starting this off spiting like a sawed-off, my voice spreads like thunder
Remove the spell your under, the truth about the past, breakout the fucking stash
The time space continuum controlling the millennium, Dreamland, Area 51, Roswell
Overcrowded prison cells, the crop circle, the stealth bomber
The cannibal Jeffery Dahmer and by the way Hilary is the next Obama
The hypocritical drama, the global warming sauna, Greys, talls
There scientifically studying your balls, DNA microchip
Jesus fish corruption with a twist, a pill for every ill
Your prescriptions been filled, you been rolling with no wheels
A delusion of choice, behind the curtain one voice
Its nine to five to stay alive, fake belief in fucking pride
On your knees praying to the sky, I hope you burn your fucking eyes
Track Name: Eleven
Verse 1
Have you seen the towers falling on the money, its really fucking funny?
The darkest light appears sunny, from the hundred to the five
Line them up and watch 3,000 die before there time
The folding of the dollars was done by design, you say coincidence
I say your fucking blind, the planes hijacked should have been shot down
The presidents a clown, a planned demolition took place some how
From 100 stories imagine falling to the ground
When the World Trade Center’s blew up with explosives
The entire country was put under hypnosis, no plane hit the Pentagon
Your thoughts need to focus the media swarms the mind like locus
FOX news and CNN put your brain in a blender
And filled us with lies about September
The tears, the cries, the wondering why, we live, we die
In your heart you can fly, Bodies falling from the sky (x3)
Verse 2
8,000 stocks sold on the airlines in the early days in the month of 9
There where warning signs before the mourning of the attacks
They ignored the facts, there was a cover up and it’s as simple as that
Deception through mind control the darkest times are about to unfold
We the cattle have been lead to believe
The attacks came from across the seas
But as I’ve watch this world demise
Religion and racism have blinded our eyes
What will be left for are children to find
Mother earth bleeding from one bloodline
Freedoms lost right in front of our eyes, do you remember the 3rd tower
That just fell from the sky, No plane hit tower 7 so it’s all a lie
Track Name: Hated, Pissed and Madd**
Hated, Pissed & Mad
Hated debated and some say overrated
Fuck your fucking regulating and segregating
I’m premeditating, a revolution
It’s our only solution, against the polluting of the constitution?
I’m headed for execution, so I guess I’ll come out fucking shooting
At both of these two stupid puppets, two characters from the Muppets
There’s no discussing who the fuck we should be trusting
Give these bastards nothing, all this fake fronting
Glad handing, dick sucking, waving a fucking flag
G.W.’s dad didn’t walk away mad from the bee keepers in drag
In fact he was quite glad. The Texas pad or ranch
Shit was scripted in advance; it’s the same old song and dance
I’ll make you piss your fucking pants
Or maybe you’re just stuck in a fucking trance
Where you can’t advance or succeed
You’re like a bitch that says please, and this country’s on its knees

Giving head to the FED, ‘til every pennies bled
And freedoms completely mother fucking dead
The blue white and the mother fucking red

Hated, pissed, and MADD (x3)

I’m pissed at people getting in line to vote
I’m mad that people still believe in lies from the pope
I’m pissed that most remain silent
I’m mad enough to start a mother fucking riot
I’m pissed at those who fuel racism
I’m mad at all this fake patriotism
I’m pissed how quickly there filling the prisons
I’m mad at corporate ass kissing
I’m pissed at the youth’s lack of ambition
I’m pissed you’re not pissed
I’m mad you’re not mad
I’m pissed we can’t stop this
I’m mad I get obnoxious
I’m mad at a lazy public
I’m pissed at all this fake fucking thuggin’
I’m mad at what you believe to be facts
I’m pissed at all these mother fucking snitches and rats
Hated, pissed and mad and it’s as simple as that

Hated, pissed, and MADD
Track Name: The Lost Ones***
The Lost Ones
This is for the lost ones, gone but not forgotten;
When true love is shared it’s never stopping
This is for the lost ones, in are heart’s we are all one.
This is for the lost ones; this is for the lost ones
Verse 1
This isn’t just for the one’s we’ve lost. This is for the loved ones still here,
Who still tear every moment of every second as the sadness becomes a broken record.
What’s worth remembering are the good times and sending the love we still have,
Out for them to grab, they’ll get it and take it, love concurs all hatred
What is in our hearts is sacred; I know they are pulling for us to make it
Through the loss, through the pain, what they shared with us, is forever in us
They are a part of what makes us who we are, I am he as you are me and we are all together and that together is forever with love, so there you go, we are never done
Verse 2
Life flashes by in a blink of an eye so every once in a while will remember that smile.
That look on their face or that certain place where you can feel there presents the deepest. This is not a secret; energy is just starting to peak here. This is just a stepping stone.
To something much more special, the magic of birth is a miracle.
It doesn’t have to be spiritual to recognize the power in one’s eyes is eternal.
An everlasting quality is not a hypothesis or an idea to control through fear
Or a thought somebody had or a story someone told. This is for the young and the old,
We need not religion or science to guide us; we just need to look at what’s inside us,
Take a look at what’s inside us
Verse 3
Even though I can’t touch you or see you, I can feel you right here beside me
Could it be that the one that forever guides me knows right where to find me?
Take a look inside me and you’ll see,
They’ll forever by a part of me that always shines
So let’s part the line and redefine what we been taught over time
That we’re here to lose starts us off on the wrong foot
We’ve been took from day one whether it be a book
A phone, an ipad touch I really don’t give a
Track Name: As We Rise***
As We Rise
Cutting all ties from there world of lies
Have no fear “As We Rise”
Standing side by side the truth will multiply
Have no fear “As We Rise”
Verse 1
This is our last chance, this is our last hope
The N.D.A.A. has freedom swinging from a rope
Is this some kind of joke, nope?
The killing of American Citizens by the U.S. Military
Is now in fact legal, it’s on paper
Our rights have been taken
We need a mass awakening, a paradigm shift
Away from corporate stiffs, puppets in the mist
Let’s put a twist on their spin, give us a chance to win
There lies are paper thin, this nation is being depleted
What is needed is a leader like Tisha
Exposing secrets like Katrina
Right now we’re divided and bleeding
If we stand together we can’t be defeated
The facts are the facts this country’s been hijacked
We’re going to have to fight to get it back
Verse 2
Here in Colorado District 3 needs someone who is honest
Elect Tisha Casida for Congress; put an end to the nonsense
A politician with a conscience and integrity, the start of a legacy
With the ability to lead, the ability to see when being deceived
From corporate greed, a master’s degree in Business
Concern for physical fitness, gifted
Compassion and forgiveness
Driven with a vision and a strong position
On the removal of the F.E.M.A. Prisons
She’ll stand up for the rights of U.S. Citizens
Listen it isn’t hopeless if we remain focused
They’ll try to provoke us, punch, kick and choke us
This only means we’re getting closer to our goal
We're getting closer to making them fold
We still have freedom of speech, which makes us unique
Are we in to deep or will "We the People" rise to their feet?