As We Rise​*​*​*

from by Verbal Terrorist



As We Rise
Cutting all ties from there world of lies
Have no fear “As We Rise”
Standing side by side the truth will multiply
Have no fear “As We Rise”
Verse 1
This is our last chance, this is our last hope
The N.D.A.A. has freedom swinging from a rope
Is this some kind of joke, nope?
The killing of American Citizens by the U.S. Military
Is now in fact legal, it’s on paper
Our rights have been taken
We need a mass awakening, a paradigm shift
Away from corporate stiffs, puppets in the mist
Let’s put a twist on their spin, give us a chance to win
There lies are paper thin, this nation is being depleted
What is needed is a leader like Tisha
Exposing secrets like Katrina
Right now we’re divided and bleeding
If we stand together we can’t be defeated
The facts are the facts this country’s been hijacked
We’re going to have to fight to get it back
Verse 2
Here in Colorado District 3 needs someone who is honest
Elect Tisha Casida for Congress; put an end to the nonsense
A politician with a conscience and integrity, the start of a legacy
With the ability to lead, the ability to see when being deceived
From corporate greed, a master’s degree in Business
Concern for physical fitness, gifted
Compassion and forgiveness
Driven with a vision and a strong position
On the removal of the F.E.M.A. Prisons
She’ll stand up for the rights of U.S. Citizens
Listen it isn’t hopeless if we remain focused
They’ll try to provoke us, punch, kick and choke us
This only means we’re getting closer to our goal
We're getting closer to making them fold
We still have freedom of speech, which makes us unique
Are we in to deep or will "We the People" rise to their feet?


from Verbal Terrorist III, track released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Verbal Terrorist Denver, Colorado

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