Military Suicide

from by Verbal Terrorist



Military Suicide
Military Suicide 22 a day & the media has nothing to say
Verse 1
Military suicide 22 died today and every day for the last few years
Day after day are soldiers taken their own life, something aint right
Not in the slightest, I find this very disturbing, it’s got my heart hurting
Men who spend their time serving, come home lost and turning
What are they learning that’s got them burning?
So much that they can’t get in touch with reality.
Or is are reality a formality? It’s another casualty, a tragedy
One after another and nothing is said so nothings discovered.
It’s not even disgust or reported on at all, like another brick in the wall.
This is the story at large, bigger than the bullshit election.
Do we have any affection or compassion?
How do we let this keep on happening?
Military Suicide 22 a day & the media has nothing to say
Verse 2
Military suicide 22 a day this is not an act or a part of a play
As this is happening the stories are just hidden away
No one wants to cover the darkest shade of gray
So nothing is said, not a word, not a peep, not on the web, not in print
I guess nobody gives a shit, or no one has a shit to give
To our kids who fight for our life, fight for our way of life
Are way of living, but there’s no given back, there’s just taking
Some just can’t take it, they make it back home, soon dead and gone
How can this go on? Something is wrong, it aint right.
We send our condolences in flight, to the families, husbands and wives of the US soldiers taken their own life


from Verbal Terrorist III, track released September 11, 2016



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Verbal Terrorist Denver, Colorado

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